My work has been developing over the last few years in the construction of new identities. Lately this process is focused on the search for new masculinities, escaping from the stereotyped roles and attributes that society gives it. The fragility in general and masculine in particular is part of my last speeches, because in my daily life I see many men affected by social pressure to respond to the expectations of our heteropatriarchal society. This is a journey that I have traveled hand in hand with feminist movements and the LGTBIQ collective as pioneers in confronting patriarchal structures, institutions and discourses.

My current life in the midst of nature has produced a change in the way I approach my work. It is no longer just the human figure the only vertebrate center of my speech. The discovery of the living realms of my environment has changed my thinking, raising environmental issues about which I had not previously reflected.

Previously the passage was present in some of my works as a scenario subject to the prominence of the human figure. In my current work, nature acquires such relevance that it dialogues in the first person with the models I photograph, establishing analogies and metaphors between the materials that I use both in the construction of inspired scenarios, and in the elaboration of the costumes worn by the models.

My work methodology is based on three axes:

 The land art, understood not as a direct manipulation of the landscape but for the exclusive use of natural materials collected from my environment with which I create ephemeral pieces that return again to continue their natural transformation process.

The performance, establishing through the actions of the models a confrontation with the stage and the attire, in order to highlight that vulnerability and that fragility, thus emphasizing my discourse.

Photography and drawing. As lasting supports of my ephemeral actions where I continue the creative process and transformation. For this, I usually mix different techniques, being not purist in my work, where experimentation has a relevant role. The creation of the sigillum that I use profusely in my last works, arise as a need to create a language of our own that speaks again of the ability of humans to reinvent us, to transform us once more.

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